Did You Know Scrap Metal Yards Give Great Deals on Old Cars?

Scrap Metal Yards

Having an old vehicle in your property? Do you want to get rid of this vehicle? Did you know scrap metal yards give great deals on old cars? No worries!! you are in the right place!! Scrap Metal Yards such as Adelaide Wreckers can offer you plenty of deals for your old/scrap/unwanted or even accidental cars. Would you like to deal with a company who finalizes the deal of old/used cars over one phone call? Obviously yes!! So, immediately call Adelaide wreckers!!

Just Request our online Quote Form and know the Worth of Your old car in 60 seconds!!

Have you ever imagined to sell your old car in just 24 hours? Yes!! Because old/scrap/used car selling is just like a nightmare for the people. But for Adelaide Wreckers, it’s not a big deal now!! The company is here to convert your nightmare into reality. With us, you can sell any make, model, or the age of vehicle irrespective of any condition. We love to offer you top cash up to $9,999 for any car.

Re-usable parts of Vehicle Makes You to Earn up to $9,999

Adelaide Wreckers – Centre of Used Auto Parts and Scrapping cars!! Do you have a vehicle that is not roadworthy or in some pitiable condition? Then, this wrecked or pitiable vehicle gives nothing to you rather than wasting your time and money. Disposal of old vehicles is a complicated task. Don’t lose hope!! If your vehicle is not in working condition then no worries!! You can still earn top cash from this wrecked car. You know how? There are various parts in vehicles that can be put to some use. We recycle the auto parts of the wrecked vehicle and then sell it in the second-hand market of used parts.

Automobile parts such as audio-visual systems, door switches, engine control modules, AC compressors, and many more. Moreover, we are not restricted to any make or model, although buy all wrecked vehicles. These useful parts make your car more valuable in the market.

No Haggling, No Hidden Cost, Instant Cash

The company has a team of professionals and highly experts who never bother you for any work. We do all tasks of paperwork, repairs, and all ownership transfer registrations. All you need to do is just one phone call with a few details of your vehicle. That’s all!! We are responsible for the remaining tasks. Moreover, we never charge any hidden cost for wrecked vehicles unlike dodgy companies in Adelaide. We have all the free services in all suburbs. Our company is 100% dedicated towards the payment of car owners that’s why we prefer to give instant cash to them on the same day of car removal.

So, ready to deal with us? Without delay call us at 0870719216 and get your car towed from your convenient location!!

Don’t Repair Your Vehicle Anymore!!

Repairing an old vehicle only leads to wastage of money and nothing else. Don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Instead of this, sell your vehicle to any top wrecking company. However, when your repairing cost exceeds the value of the vehicle then, you are bearing an exclusive loss in repairing.

The easiest solution to your old vehicle is just sell it to the wrecked company such as Adelaide Wreckers!!

Why Choose Us?

  • Free Car pick up Adelaide Wide
  • No upper limit fees
  • Instant and speedy cash at your doorstep
  • No Test-Drive meetings
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Eco-friendly vehicle Disposal
  • No buy-back of buyer at last minute
  • Experienced and Supportive Professionals
  • 24X7 Fully Support!!