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Car wrecking companies are on the run nowadays. With more new and trendy automobile designs coming up, most of the population is in a hurry to dispose of their old cars somehow. This is what is bringing the car wreckers into the limelight.


As far as South Australia is concerned, Adelaide auto wreckers are one of the most famous companies. We have our office located in Salisbury Plain, South Australia. We have planned it out in such a way that we can deliver their services to Adelaide and other neighbouring cities. We work closely with these cities and put our best foot forward.

Vision- Adelaide Wrecker

We are determined to bring that smile of satisfaction and relief on the face of each of our customer. We have been providing excellent services and have been winning hearts since the 1990s. With over 12 years of experience and still learning, we have managed to earn a position in the top car wrecking companies of South Australia.

We believe that business is to be done fairly and there should be no treachery. Therefore, we ensure the transparency of all our transactions. We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of trade and do not entertain any sort of malpractice.

What do we do?

We provide free car removal and wrecking facility. If you happen to have any piece of junk which is closely related to automobiles, you are helping us.  We buy all sorts of old, junk and scrap cars at a fair price from our customers and then further reuse and recycle the auto parts.

We even deal with spare parts. If you happen to have a damaged or injured car part, you can always count upon us. We will have a replacement for you, irrespective of what model, type or version your car is. This is because we buy scrap cars of any brand and model. This gives us a large and varied collection of auto parts which are put on sale.

You cannot take your car for servicing every now and then. Neither can you afford to buy new parts every time your car gives trouble? In such circumstances, second-hand replacements are the only option you are left with. It is within your budget and reliable to some extent. If you are looking for stuff of this type, call us.

Call Adelaide Wrecker- 08 7071 9216 

We also provide free towing services. All you have to do is contact us on our helpline number. No matter where you are stuck, our workers will immediately come to your rescue.

For instance, if you happen to get caught up in an accident and the condition of your car is terrible. You are standing in the middle of the road, half alive and full curious. The first thing you should do is call us. We will tow your crushed car and take it away and also pay you for that. What else can you want?

Another policy of ours which will interest you is the on spot cash payment that we do. We don’t like to keep our customer waiting for the payment. As soon as you sell your car to us, we tow it away leaving you with pockets full of bucks.

How it works

Our work area is very organized and resourceful. We have huge junkyards where all the scrap cars are accumulated and arranged. We have professionals and skilled workers working on different aspects of automobiles. We sell the reusable parts at fair prices. Those parts which cannot be used any further in any way are recycled or discarded by using eco-friendly methods.

We are responsible enough to make sure that the environmental conditions are not hampered by our practices in any way. We make it a point to perform all the disposal activities in an eco-friendly way such that there is no harm to the surrounding ecosystem.

Why us?

Adelaide Wrecker is one of the trusted companies in South Australia. We have worked really hard to gain that trust. We do not make any fake promises and ensure that we deliver good standard work. We try our best not to disappoint any of our customers. It is definitely not a bad option to consider us whenever necessary.


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