What Happens to a Vehicle After It’s Scrapped?

scrapping your vehicle

We’ve discussed how to go about scrapping your vehicle on our blog before – for a fast rundown. You need to take any assets out, sort out your paperwork, and bring it down to an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) that has everything it needs scrapping your vehicle safely. Be that as it may, what occurs straightaway?

It doesn’t go straight into a car removals the subsequent you’ve gone – there are a couple of things we need to do first.

Depollution – Scrapping Your Vehicle

There’s no chance to get around it – cars are loaded with poisons of numerous types. These need to be removed and disposed of safely, both for the individuals working with the car and for the earth.

The battery

That is one of the main things to turn out. It can some of the time be fixed and exchanged – generally, it’s separated into its different parts (lead, plastic, and so forth.) to be reused most effectively.


The tires will be removed – if they’re in good condition, they can be re-utilized, yet else they’ll need to be disposed of. Tire fire is awful for nature, as is sending them to landfill, so the tires (and some other elastic in your car) will probably be destroyed, so it tends to be re-utilized.

Depleting fluids

Coolants, oil, oils, greases, all the different liquids – these will be removed and put away in fixed tanks. They can regularly be reused.

Hazardous metals

Lead and mercury are among the most well-known hazardous metals in your car – a ton of switches contain mercury, for instance. These will be removed and separated so they can be disposed of safely.

Glass and plastic

Window glass can be removed and re-utilized, frequently in the development business. Plastics can likewise be reused more effectively, so these must be removed independently as well.

Everything else

You might be amazed at precisely what number parts of your car will need safe transfer toward the finish of their lives. Your airbags, for instance, contain synthetic concoctions that could detonate if they were still in the car when it was squashed.

Re-useable parts

Indeed, even the most established cars might have a couple of odds and end with a lot of life left in them – and the correct parts can bring a significant expense.

On the off chance that you realize cars well, and are something of a specialist repairman, it might be an excellent plan to evacuate anything you know safely would be of intrigue – especially to anybody with an exemplary car.

However, make sure to check with the piece yard you’re taking the car to – they might not take an incompletely dismantled car, so there might be an exercise in careful control in what you take out and leave in to get the best arrangement.

If there’s anything perfect that can be re-utilized when you carry it to us, we’ll take it out – decreasing waste any place conceivable is an extremely significant piece of what we do.

Allow the devastating to start

Once everything unsafe, or re-usable, has been taken out of your old arrangement of wheels, it’s the ideal opportunity for the devastating. Your car might be levelled, or it might live on as a 3D shape for some time – in any case, these are simpler shapes to ship to a shredder.


When destroyed, the staying metal can be more effectively sold on for recycling. Furthermore, from that point? Who recognizes what your old car may wind up in!

Recycling metals utilizes such a great deal less vitality than making new ones. Recycling aluminium uses 95% less life, and recycling steel utilizes 60% less – so decide to scrapping your vehicle along these lines is the best thing for the earth.

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